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 The School of Geomatics

   “ A Pioneer Institute of Surveying and Geo-information on Nepal

Courses Offered:

  • DIGE-Diploma in Geomatics Engineering

         Course Duration: 3 Years

  • TSLC in Survey Engineering

         Course Duration: 18 Months

Qualified and skilled human resource in the field of surveying, Mapping and land resource management collectively referred as geomatics is an ever-growing need in Nepal. Bhusuchana Prabidhi Adyayan Pratisthan popularly known as School of Geomatics(SOG) was established in 1999. The courses SOG currently imparts are mainly affiliated with council for Technical Education and Vocational Training(CTEVT). Since the establishment, SOG has been focusing only on developing human resource in geomatics engineering at various level.

 The Obectives

  • To significantly contribute to institutionalize Geomatics Engineering Education.
  • To contribute in producing mid-level professionals in Surveying/Geomatics with adequate knowledge and skills also in social and human sciences that is necessary to deal with issues related to land-man relation such as Land Reform and Management, Hydropower, Irrigation, Road, Urban planning and Building Construction, Aviation, Land Resource Planning and Mapping, GIS/LIS, Cadastral Mapping and Land Development Planning.
  • To impact need based training on the latest technologies in the field of Surveying, Mapping, Geo-Information and Space-tech Applications.

 Diploma in Geomatics Engineering (DiGE)

 Course Duration : 3 Years

This is an academic program of certificate/+2 level in engineering. The course is designed to produce Surveyors/mid level Survey professionals who meet requirements for non gazetted First class technical posts of the government offices, and mid-level geomatics professionals hired by engineering firms/construction industry/companies. The graduates of this course can also pursue higher education in engineering field.


  • SEE Passed
  • Qualified from CTEVT Entrance Exam


  • Forty-eight students per batch

Career Options

  • DiGE graduates have very good prospects meeting the growing needs of Geomatics mid-level professionals in the field of land resource management, natural resource planning, environment and infrastructure development.
  • The graduates are well acquainted with and skilled in surveying, mapping, Computer applications, GIS, Remote Sensing and other related technologies. These skills add value to their profession within the country and abroad.

TSLC in Survey Engineering

     Course Duration: 18 Months

The main objective of TSLC in survey engineering course is to produce assistant surveyors capable of carrying out graphical surveying work practiced in cadastral survey by the survey department and to prepare cadastral records according to prevailing land survey measurement act and rules of Nepal. This course also gives preliminary knowledge and skills required for technical assistants in Rural Municipalities and / Or Urban Municipalities in implementing their infrastructure development, construction management, land ownership information collection and preparation of local resource maps.


  • SEE Passed
  • Qualified from CTEVT Entrance Exam


  • Forty-eight students per batch

Career Options

 TSLC graduates are Qualified to serve as assistant surveyors in the field of land surveying and mapping within the country and abroad.

TSLC graduates have also the opportunity to be employed as technical assistant in Rural/Urban Municipalities in Nepal.

Initiatives and Achievements

  • Opening up of a new career avenue for SEE graduates
  • Development of curricula for regular and short term courses in Geomatics.
  • Human resource development for land resource management with adequate knowledge and skill in modern geo-information technology
  • Facilitation Individuals, Government and Non-Government employees in developing knowledge and skills in developing knowledge and skills in land date acquisition and application of spatial information through various short term training courses.
  • Increasing awareness among the citizens towards the scope of Geomatics Education.
  • Creating opportunities for advancing geomatics education in the country and aboard.
  • Organization several tailored short courses for relevant organizations towards enhancing the capacity of their employees in the areas of land related judicial, financial and ownership decision making processes. This has significantly help organizations such as Supreme Court in sorting out land related dispute cases which were unresolved for year.

Gender Consideration

The school encourages gender balanced participation in all the courses and provides 50% scholarship in monthly fee upto first ten successful female candidates under a positive discrimination policy adhered by the SOG. This policy has been very effective in promoting gender balanced education in Geomatics Engineering. The number of female students have significantly increased over the last decade, from 0% in the first batch to 25% in the batch of 2073.

Scholarship options

SOG offers scholarship to the students of Diploma in Geomatics Engineering and TSLC in Survey courses as per CTEVT rules and regulations.


 Training Courses

  • Geographic Information System(GIS)
  • Remotes Sensing Application
  • Surveying Instruments(Level, Theodolite, Total Station & GPS)
  • Auto CAD/Land Development
  • Land Measurement
  • Cadastral Survey Application

School of Geomatics designs and conducts short term training courses in the field of Geomatics focused on application of the subject in various areas such as local level planning, resource mapping, urban infrastructure planning and management, census planning and mapping, and natural resource management.

Professional Resources

SOG has faculties who draw on sound academic background from multicultural and professional universities around the world including the U.K. The Netherlands, Russia, Japan, Germany, India and have a seasoned experience in teaching geomatics engineering.

Facilities Available

  • Full equipped library
  • Advanced science labs of physics and chemistry
  • Modern survey equipments such as EDM, Total Station, Theodolite, Level, Telescopic alidades, GPS and so on.
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Various computer software program related to the courses
  • Good study environment with spacious class rooms
  • Arrangement and supply of specialized stationeries and map making tools
  • Modern teaching aids such as over head projector and multimedia.

Learning Resources

SOG is for value based education aiming at developing itself as a center of excellence for education.

Teaching Methodology

  • Student-centered methods of teaching
  • Theoretical lectures backed up by practical exercises
  • Indoor and outdoor field survey exercises in group and individual
  • Project work and field observation
  • Case studies
  • Real life situation stories and exercises
  • Learning from each other’s experiences in the class and Learning by doing

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